Climate change and air quality: With the acquisition of ARIA Technologies, SUEZ strengthens its expertise in air quality challenges

The SUEZ Group has announced the acquisition of ARIA Technologies, the European leader in digital modeling of air quality and climate change. This operation will enable SUEZ to enrich its platform of solutions for monitoring and treatment of atmospheric pollutants, odors and greenhouse gases, thereby meeting increasing demand from all of its clients (local communities, institutions, industrial customers) in terms of health and climate change.

An atmospheric environment specialist, the expertise of ARIA Technologies is based on the design, production and management of digital air simulation systems. ARIA Technologies in France, as well as its subsidiaries in Italy and Brazil, study atmospheric phenomena and advise their clients in particular thanks to weather condition analysis solutions, calculations of atmospheric dispersion of industrial and/or urban discharges and assessment of related health risks.

The French and international activities of ARIA Technologies and its numerous references with industrial clients, local communities and international institutions such as air modeling at the micro level for urban development projects in Paris and Milan, monitoring atmospheric pollution in Lagos (Nigeria) for the World Bank and even the atmospheric modeling system for the whole of Saudi Arabia, will strengthen the expertise of SUEZ as a leader on these themes for more than 15 years.

The teams at ARIA Technologies Group, including their founders/managers, will join the Air & Climate solutions line at SUEZ. The digital solutions and expertise of ARIA Technologies thus complete the portfolio of existing solutions for monitoring and air treatment in the SUEZ - AirAdvanced range.

Air is a major environmental challenge for the 21st century as recalled by the European Commission’s zero pollution action plan, published on May 12, 2021. SUEZ, a pioneer in this field, has been investing for more than 15 years in the design, development and operation of air treatment solutions at the service of local communities and industrial groups both in France and internationally. This challenge is all the more important for public health as it has been proven that air pollution increases the effects of viruses such as the coronavirus. This acquisition will strengthen the Group’s expertise in this area and will enable us to provide even better support to our clients in facing environmental challenges. I am pleased to welcome the ARIA Technologies Group teams to the SUEZ Groupcommented Diane Galbe, Senior Executive Vice President of SUEZ Group, in charge of Strategy and the Global Smart & Environmental Solutions Business Unit.

Armand Albergel and Jacques Moussafir, founders of ARIA Technologies commented: “When we left EDF in 1990, the environment and climate change were not the central challenges they are today. However, we anticipated that ‘Air is a resource. Today, after an inspiring human and intellectual journey, we have decided to join the SUEZ Group, which will provide us with the strength and solidity necessary to take actions that will have a positive impact on the future of our planet. We are pleased and proud to have led our company to this level of maturity, and to continue the adventure we began more than 30 years ago for which we have been pioneers. SUEZ will offer us possibilities of fast growth worldwide and will enable our teams to grow by being involved in highly ambitious international projects.


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