SUEZ wins the biological treatment extension contract through biofiltration for the Aïre wastewater treatment plant in Geneva

Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG) entrusts SUEZ Group with the extension contract for the biological treatment through biofiltration for the Aïre wastewater treatment plant in Geneva (Switzerland). The contract represents one of the first stages of the “Aïre 2+” project, which aims at transforming the facility into a comprehensive environmental tool. Thanks to studies conducted from March 2021 onwards and works planned in 2023, the SUEZ Group will increase the facility’s biological treatment capacity from 600,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants equivalent by 2050.

The Aïre wastewater treatment plant is the main facility of the wastewater treatment park for the Canton of Geneva, which alone treats more than 80% of the volume of wastewater produced in the region. To face the challenge of demographic growth in the city of Geneva while also having a positive impact on the climate, the Group will optimize the plant’s biofiltration channel. The process enables the combined treatment of carbon and nitrogen in polluted effluents, thereby improving the quality of the water discharged into the natural environment. 

SUEZ’s expertise will enable the development of a project that is both compact and energy efficient. Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG), the integrative organization for all of SUEZ’s water and waste-related activities, will connect 1,000,000 inhabitants to this facility by 2050.


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