SUEZ strengthens its presence in the Middle East with three new contracts

Faced with the challenge of a growing population raising major waste and water management concerns in Middle East, local authorities are investing in optimizing and modernising existing infrastructure (water plants and distribution networks, landfills…). Within this framework, SUEZ has been awarded a five-year contract for the Operation & Maintenance of the Barka engineered sanitary Landfill in South Al-Batinah, Sultanate of Oman. The Group also won its two first smart water contracts in the Middle East, where it will be supporting authorities in the State of Qatar and in Oman as they optimize the performance of water distribution systems.

SUEZ supports Oman towards a more sustainable waste management

Be’ah1 has awarded SUEZ a five-year contract the Operation & Maintenance of the Barka engineered sanitary Landfill in South Al-Batinah, North West of Muscat. SUEZ will oversee the reception and landfilling of 2,200 tons of municipal solid waste daily.

The facility will also include the implementation of a biogas extraction and disposal system and a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) plant for treating leachates, allowing the country to curb greenhouse gas emissions and support their environmental commitments.

In this region with a fast-growing population, waste management is an increasing challenge that be’ah is committed to tackle with long-term and sustainable solutions. Since 2010, SUEZ has been supporting the Sultanate of Oman with the construction, operation and management of several municipal and industrial waste landfills across the country. Amongst them, the construction and operation of Al Amerat Municipal Solid Waste Landfill and more recently, the Operation & Maintenance of Sohar Hazardous Waste Landfill and Duqm Municipal and Industrial waste landfill.

Deployment of digital solutions to optimise drinking water networks in Qatar and in Oman

In Qatar, Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa)– the authority responsible for power and potable water distribution – has awarded SUEZ a three-year contract to conduct leak detection across 700 km of the country's drinking water networks. The Group will be using innovative acoustic-based technology, which records the signature sound generated by a leak, anomaly or air pocket. The sound is then analysed with a software to locate the anomaly and determine its size, and this information is used to schedule required maintenance work across the networks.

In Oman, Diam – the public authority for water – has awarded SUEZ a one-year contract to optimize the energy consumption of Muscat’s drinking water production and distribution system. SUEZ will be using AQUADVANCED® Energy software. This technology models the data collected from the water distribution system, the calculation of water consumption forecasts and energy prices in real time, to define the optimised pumping strategies that are implemented automatically. It consequently secures the 24/7 operation of the drinking water system, while cutting operating costs and conserving the infrastructures.

1 Oman Environmental Services Holding Company S.A.O.C


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