SUEZ launches its landmark contract in Tashkent and becomes the strategic partner of Uzbek authorities in water

On November 22nd, 2022, SUEZ signed landmark agreements with its Uzbek partners, the National Water Company “Uzsuvtaminot”, the Municipality of Tashkent and the Ministry of Investment of Foreign Trade. The agreements mark the coming into force of  the capital city Tashkent water and sanitation project. Furthermore, they strengthen SUEZ’s position as the trusted strategic partner of Uzbek authorities for modernizing its water infrastructures and services.
In the framework of the visit of the Uzbek president in Paris, several agreements have been signed between SUEZ and its partners: the National Water Company “Uzsuvtaminot”, the Municipality of Tashkent and the Ministry of Investment of Foreign Trade.

Firstly, these agreements will allow the start of SUEZ’s pioneer project in the country aiming at modernizing Tashkent’s water and sanitation networks up to the highest international standards, through digital solutions and the most up to date technologies.

With this 7-year contract worth €142 million, citizen satisfaction and quality of life in the Capital will be greatly enhanced through the improvement of water quality and the implementation of first-class customer services. SUEZ will also raise the next generation of Uzbek leading managers and water specialists, by training hundreds of professionals in the “SUEZ Uzbekistan Water Academy”. The project will moreover contribute to the local economy and foster knowledge transfer with the localization of the industrial production of water equipment in Tashkent, including 800 thousand smart meters.

Additionally, with the signature of a comprehensive strategic partnership, SUEZ will now support Uzsuvtaminot, the National water company, in upgrading and expanding water services at a national level. Uzsuvtaminot has planned the execution of 62 projects in the water and sanitation sector until 2025 for a total amount of €5 billion. Given the ambitious portfolio of projects, SUEZ will mobilize an experienced resident team to assist on a daily basis in the national planning, design, monitoring and execution of the projects as well as their commissioning and the control of their efficiency.

Finally, a joint Development Agreement has also been concluded for the improvement of water supply in the Surxandarya region, which will pave the way for the development of a significant investment project into this region’s water infrastructure.