Construction industry: safe and gradual resumption of work on construction sites

HESUS and SUEZ are developing, a comprehensive system to support professionals.

During lockdown, thousands of construction sites were shut down in France. While professionals in the sector would like activities to quickly resume, they cannot do so without implementing the necessary protective measures for their teams working on sites. For this reason, in order to perfectly meet the expectations of professionals, HESUS and SUEZ are proposing a set of tools adapted to the sanitary constraints, with in particular, logistics, technological and cleaning & sanitizing solutions.

This activity resumption package makes it possible to limit physical contact between workers on the same site as much as possible. It also offers construction sites the opportunity to be part of an innovative process and to take advantage of basic new trends in the construction sector, whether digitalisation or the circular economy.

This activity resumption package includes the following solutions:

- The advice and assistance of SUEZ Consulting to support construction sites in accordance with the health guide drafted by the OPPBTP1, environmental and health management and the digitalisation and sharing of site data.

- The "SANIT’Air" solution, developed by SUEZ, to ensure a safe resumption of activity due to 3 complementary elements: detection of the presence of viruses on surfaces and in the air, sanitizing and cleaning adapted to worksite offices and prevention by continuous air treatment in worksite offices.

- Digitalisation of flows related to land and worksite waste management. The HESUS UBYSOL system is composed of digital sensors associated with each truck, which, using IoT technology, enable the traceability and real-time monitoring of soil excavated from a site right up until the treatment process. All information is provided on-site using digital devices, leading to the creation of a Transport Document or a fully digitalised Hazardous Waste Manifest. This is then automatically sent by email to the carrier and the chosen treatment sector. Traceability is thus totally digitalized, where physical contact was previously essential. HESUS UBYSOL is provided free of charge during the sanitary crisis.

- 1 m3 big bags for sorting and recycling waste on worksites, whether related to construction or implementation of sanitary measures due to the Covid-19 crisis (PPE, masks, wipes);

- And finally, the online rental of skips for the disposal, monitoring and treatment of worksite waste.

These offers will be developed in the coming weeks in order to further support construction industry companies in the current situation.

The activity resumption package is available on the website from 26 May 2020. To get pricing details on part or all the offers presented, companies can fill out an online form specifying their request or directly order a service on the website.

Emmanuel Cazeneuve, Founder and CEO of HESUS: "The resumption of construction sites is a major challenge for the national economic recovery, and a vital necessity for our clients, which are construction companies. This is why HESUS has joined forces with SUEZ, a leading company in sustainable development, to develop solutions adapted to each one and precise responses in the form of a Single Window: a single point of entry, contact and information to ensure a sustainable and secure resumption of construction sites. The package is initially deployed in France, then, depending on needs, it may be offered in Europe.”

1Professional organisation for the prevention of accidents in construction and public works


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