Ecological transition: Waga Energy and SUEZ continue their partnership in favor of the development of biomethane solutions with the installation of the fifth WAGABOX® unit in New Aquitaine region (France)

During the Pollutec trade fair, SUEZ and Waga Energy extend their partnership with the announcement of a new biomethane unit at the Madaillan non-hazardous industrial waste storage facility, at Milhac-d’Auberoche (France). From August 2022, this unit will supply part of the Greater Périgueux region with renewable gas, thereby contributing to the territory’s ecological transition and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This will be the fifth WAGABOX® unit commissioned by SUEZ and Waga Energy.
WAGABOX® is an innovative technology developed by Waga Energy to recover the methane emitted from the decomposition of waste at the non-hazardous industrial waste storage facilities. As a result of 10 years of R&D, it combines membrane filtration with cryogenic distillation to separate the gas from other components (carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and volatile organic compounds). The WAGABOX® technology supplies high-quality biomethane that can be directly injected into gas distribution networks to cover user needs for heating, cooking, and sanitary hot water, as well as to fuel vehicles. 

A circular economy project contributing to the territory’s ecological transition 
The Madaillan non-hazardous industrial waste storage facility at Milhac-d’Auberoche (France) processes 105,000 tons of household waste and similar waste produced in the Dordogne department annually. This facility currently recovers the biogas produced from the breakdown of waste in the form of heat and electricity. From August 2022, it will be equipped with a WAGABOX® unit that will process 600 m3/h of raw gas and will produce up to 20 GWh of biomethane per year, i.e., the annual consumption of more than 3, 000 recent homes. This clean, local, and renewable energy source will avoid 3,500 tonnes of CO2-eq emissions per year in the atmosphere. The green gas produced will be directly injected into the GRDF network thanks to an 18 km connection.  

Waga Energy [supported by the independent investment benefit corporation Meridiam] is financing the construction of the WAGABOX® unit and will also operate it as part of a contract with SUEZ, which will market the biomethane production. The New Aquitaine region also granted a €400,000 subsidy to this project which contributes actively to the ecological transition of the area.

A long-term partnership based on trust
This fifth project marks a new chapter in the partnership that has linked SUEZ and Waga Energy for five years now, and already led to the commissioning of 4 WAGABOX® units in France, at the non-hazardous industrial waste storage  facilities at Saint-Maximin (Oise) in 2017, Gueltas (Morbihan) in 2018, Chevilly (Loiret) in 2019, and Ventes-de-Bourse (Orne) in 2020. In total, the five units will represent a production capacity of 80 GWh per year, equivalent to the annual gas consumption of around 15,000 recent households and will avoid 15,000 tonnes of CO2-eq emissions each year. New studies have already been launched to equip two other non-hazardous industrial waste storage facilities operated by SUEZ Group.
Mathieu Lefebvre, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Waga Energy: “With this new project, Waga Energy and SUEZ continue to take concrete action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is a prime example of successful collaboration between a young innovative company and a major international group. It also represents a further illustration of French industrial expertise in the treatment and recovery of waste.

  • Aerial view of the WAGABOX® unit in operation since January 2020 at the non-hazardous industrial waste storage facility at Ventes-de-Bourse (Orne) operated by SUEZ - © Waga Energy
  • Aerial view of the Madaillan non-hazardous industrial waste storage facility – © SUEZ