100% Electric waste collection : SUEZ and Renault Trucks partners in Paris region

Longstanding partners, Renault Trucks and SUEZ Group are continuing their collaboration with the commissioning, by SUEZ teams, of the first Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. model (26 tons) 100% electric. This zero-emission truck is manufactured at Renault’s plant in Blainville-Sur-Orne in the Calvados department (France). It will begin operations in July 2020 on several SUEZ’s waste collection contracts in the Paris region.

According to Renault, electric mobility is one of the solutions to problems related to air quality, urban noise pollution, and overall CO2 emissions. Olivier Metzger, Director of Alternative Energies at Renault Trucks France, commented: “This model is the product of a true partnership between SUEZ and Renault Trucks. We have been working for a long time with SUEZ, an environmental business leader in France, to develop this type of 100% electric solutions. Our relationship of trust is key for developing strategic projects.”


Electric technology is suited to waste collection. Grégory Ivanchak, an engineer by trade and Key Account Manager at Renault Trucks, commented: “Garbage trucks have many start-stop use cycles (300 to 800 per trip). This drives up fuel consumption and means that the vehicle’s braking system is in near-constant usage. Electric vehicles offer solutions to both these issues. The electric engine slows down the vehicle and recharges the batteries. This curbs local greenhouse gas emissions and ensures less wear and tear on the braking system." 

By combining these cutting-edge technologies, this next generation garbage truck will provide a collection service in urban areas without emitting any pollutants or CO2 during use. At the same time, their rounds will be quieter, since special attention has been paid to reducing the noise the waste makes upon entry into the vehicle. 

As part of this partnership, Renault Trucks’ teams will conduct vehicle maintenance as well as providing training for SUEZ’s drivers. The teams will work one to two days a month on the truck to access its technical operating data and provide long-term feedback, which will be key to developing future Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. models.


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