Conference of French Mayors and Municipalities¹ : SUEZ and Logiroad join forces to use artificial intelligence to serve road networks: a first in France

For the first time in France, artificial intelligence is being used to detect faults in road network. The innovative “smart truck” solution offered by SUEZ, in partnership with Logiroad, a French specialist in image-based analysis of road deterioration, meets the audit and diagnostic needs of local authorities. Thanks to the regular rounds of household waste collection trucks, local authorities can benefit from continuous road condition analysis services throughout the year.

This new solution consists of equipping household waste collection trucks with Logiroad cameras to capture visual data such as damage, cracks, or even missing road surfaces (potholes, etc.). Logiroad then analyses these faults in order to provide the local authority with a precise review of the location, enabling it to implement an optimal maintenance plan for its roads.

By collecting both waste and data for the road services, household waste collection trucks allow local authorities to reduce their carbon footprint, as they no longer need to use a vehicle specifically for road analysis purposes.

This new service has already been tested on more than 200 km on the road network of the city of Rennes.

Yann Goyat, Chief Executive Officer of Logiroad: “The SUEZ-Logiroad partnership allows us to carry out real-time mapping of the state of the roads of SUEZ’s client authorities. As a result, the local authorities will have full and permanent control of the data to optimise their maintenance work and their budgets.”
1Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales (SMCL)


Press: Elodie Vandevoorde
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