Inclusion and equal rights for LGBT+ employees : SUEZ France signs the Autre Cercle’s LGBT+ commitment charter

As part of its ongoing commitment against inequalities, the SUEZ Group announces the signing of the LGBT+ Commitment Charter  and has joined forces with the Autre Cercle, the leading association for the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workplace, which shares the same ambition to defend and apply a corporate culture that promotes inclusion and equal rights for LGBT+ employees within all its French entities. This voluntary approach is in line with the Group’s diversity and inclusion policy, which is pursuing its commitment against all forms of discrimination for a more inclusive and responsible company.

Supported by its 4 values, passion for the environment, customer first, team spirit and in particular, respect, the SUEZ Group is strengthening its engagement in favor of inclusion by supporting equal opportunities and professional equality regardless of gender identity and visible and invisible differences , by fighting all forms of discrimination and prejudice. 

With the signing of this charter, SUEZ is reaffirming its engagement and responsibility to act collectively and transparently, in order to provide everyone with a safe work environment, particularly through raising teams’ awareness, addressing the topic without taboos and fighting against all forms of discrimination and prejudice. In partnership with the Autre Cercle association, SUEZ has joined the 160 signatories of this charter and adheres to four fundamental commitments: 

Creating an inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees; 
Ensuring equal rights and treatment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity; 
Supporting employees who are victims of discriminatory comments or acts;
Measuring progress and sharing best practices to foster change in the overall professional environment.

Christophe Berthier, President of the L'Autre Cercle Federation: "Today, LGBT+ people are subject to multiple forms of discrimination, both in their daily life and in the workplace. This is why we are pleased that SUEZ has committed to supporting us by signing the Charter, which is a true testament to the Group's social and ethical commitment. "

Catherine Tripon, National Spokesperson and co-leader of L'Autre Cercle’s LGBT+ Commitment Charter: "An inclusive culture cannot be decreed, it must be built over time. The evolution of our society in terms of acceptance and rights open to LGBT+ people and the aspiration of the new generations to be themselves, without taking a backseat to their elders, are disrupting management methods, bringing private and professional life together and impacting the social body at work. By signing this Charter, SUEZ is joining a network of committed organizations. "

[1] LGBT+: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and all other non-majority variations of sexual orientation and gender identity.

[1]Visible individual differences: gender mix, ethnic origin, coexistence of generations and cultures, people with disabilities/Non-visible differences: sexual orientation, social class, religion, age, invisible disability, etc.


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