100% electric trucks: Household waste collection in Neuilly-sur-Seine (France), entrusted to SUEZ, will be carried out with ten Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E.

The municipality of Neuilly-sur-Seine (near Paris) has decided to make extensive use of electric energy for household waste collection. In this context, SUEZ has renewed its confidence in the French manufacturer Renault Trucks by ordering ten additional 100% electric D Wide Z.E trucks.


After several months of operation of the first D Wide Z.E., SUEZ and Renault Trucks have drawn up a positive appraisal of their collaboration and are committed to collections that are more respectful of the quality of life of citizens. These new-generation refuse collection vehicles will collect waste between Neuilly-sur-Seine and, depending on the type of waste, Saint-Ouen or Gennevilliers, without emitting any pollutants or CO2.

Reducing CO2 emissions and improving the quality of life of citizens is a major concern for both SUEZ and Renault Trucks. After assigning the first D Wide Z.E. truck to the waste collection of the 63,000 inhabitants of Neuilly-sur-Seine in July 2020, SUEZ and Renault Trucks have drawn up a positive appraisal of this partnership. The electric technology is perfectly suited to household waste collection and provides a major improvement to the ecological footprint and to the comfort of users and local residents, with zero local emissions and CO2 emissions reduced by up to 95%.

This first assessment also allowed some technical adjustments to be made, such as programming the cabin heating and optimizing the equipment’s operation, including the number of compaction cycles, the number of shaking operations and the speed of the mechanisms.
« Un contrat d’une telle envergure traduit la maturité de la technologie électrique et le frémissement du marché » déclare Christophe Martin, Directeur Général de Renault Trucks France. « Nos camions électriques répondent aux besoins opérationnels de nos clients. Les indicateurs passent au vert : l’ère des pionniers – dont nous étions – est derrière nous et les freins à l’achat diminuent. » Le constructeur français vise une part de 10 % de ses volumes en véhicules électriques à horizon 2025.
Jean-Christophe Fromantin, Neuilly-sur-Seine Mayor, welcomes the imminent arrival of these new vehicles, which meet the city's specific requirement to improve service quality. "These zero-emission trucks are part of our ambitious approach to reducing our carbon footprint. With almost 39% of our municipal fleet made up of electric vehicles, Neuilly-Sur-Seine is a pioneer in the decarbonisation of the vehicles needed for public services”.


Press: Elodie Vandevoorde
[email protected] +33 1 58 81 54 46