Fondation SUEZ

Croix-Rouge insertion and Fondation SUEZ united against COVID-19

Since the beginning of this unprecedented crisis, employees from Croix-Rouge insertion have acted and learned to adapt. It means organizing their human and material resources and readjusting their services to local communities, NGOs and companies with one goal: to come together and help the most vulnerable. As part of its existing partnership with Croix-Rouge Insertion, Fondation SUEZ steps up to support the organization’s solidarity initiatives during these challenging times.
First, a support with a daily prevention to protect their 600 employees who are in the field, 84% of whom are enrolled in occupational therapy programs, through reinforced personal and collective protective equipment (masks, visors, gloves, soap, hand sanitizer, disinfection products, dividers, signage, etc.). During confinement and despite the stoppage of many activities, prevention also involved maintaining remote support for employees to limit the negative effects of social isolation.

Fondation SUEZ also contributes to the production of alternative masks: the Croix-Rouge insertion teams have adapted their work methods and production tools to manufacture “category 1” cloth masks (AFNOR Spec S76-001). The production aims to supply masks for French Red Cross employees and volunteers, and to fill orders from public authorities and companies.
Objective: produce and deliver over 50,000 masks per week.

The Foundation also supports essential activities to help the most vulnerable, such as providing necessities, access to healthcare and food assistance, activities which had to be boosted to meet the increasing demand during the crisis.
An average of 210 packages of hygiene and first aid supplies, compared with 60 before lockdown, have been shipped daily: a 250% increase.
In April 2020, they received and redistributed 60 tons of food products, compared with 39 tons in April 2019: a 50% increase.

"We would like to thank Fondation SUEZ for its decisive support in continuing and adapting our activities for the employees on integration programmes and, more generally, the public supported by the French Red Cross. Beyond this crucial support in a particularly difficult context, it is for us a mark of recognition from a committed partner, sensitive to our social values and close to our activities in the field of resource development.” Pierre BENARD, Chairman of Croix-Rouge Insertion
A visit to the workshop for the production of alternative masks and a the solidarity recycling platform was organized today, at Croix-Rouge Insertion-Le Maillon Normand, in Pavilly (76), in the presence of Mr. Pierre BENARD, Chairman of Croix-Rouge Insertion and National Administrator of the French Red Cross, Mrs. Chloé SIMEHA, Chief Executive Officer of Croix-Rouge Insertion, Mrs. Tiphaine HECKETSWEILER, Chief Engagement and Communications Officer of SUEZ and Administrator of Fondation SUEZ, and Mr. Maximilien PELLEGRINI, Vice President in charge of Water France and SUEZ commercial activities, in order to meet the teams of Croix-Rouge Insertion and Fondation SUEZ.


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