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Construction Industry Waste Recovery : Antea Group and batiRIM, SUEZ Group, apply digital technology to the deconstruction industry

Faced with growing societal expectations in terms of environmental protection and the preservation of resources, Antea Group, an international firm which is an expert in deconstruction contracting and asbestos removal, and batiRIM®, a joint venture created by SUEZ and Resolving which is a start-up specializing in the digital acceleration of the real estate and construction industries, announce the signature of a partnership. The partnership will provide players in the construction industry with a selective deconstruction solution in order to maximize the reuse and recycling of waste. This approach is supported by the unique RIM® (Resource Information Modeling) tool which will allow Antea Group to expand its service offering for deconstruction and renovation projects which support the circular economy.

Digital tools are essential for optimizing the selective deconstruction of a structure and supporting this transformation. This is why Antea Group chose to partner with batiRIM® and provide a digitalized Product-Equipment-Materials-Waste diagnosis with the RIM® tool in its service offering. This solution quantifies, qualifies and maps the flows of products and materials from buildings being renovated, redeveloped or deconstructed and assesses their potential for reuse and recycling, before work even starts. This diagnosis is the key component for defining the Circular Economy strategy thanks to the use of data collected on the ground, and in doing this meets new regulatory challenges.

Thanks to this tool, Antea Group will be able to use the data, references, and plans created during the digitized diagnosis to organize the cleaning or selective deconstruction sites with the various stakeholders. The tool also makes it possible to integrate the building plans into a digital interface, in 2D or 3D, and to store the acquired data in an interactive and secure database, within the batiRIM® platform, which is shared with all site stakeholders. This diagnosis will make it possible to monitor the flows of products and materials (windows, floors, doors, etc.) until they can be incorporated into new constructions. Antea Group will also be able to ensure traceability and the facilitated management of selective deconstruction and to measure the carbon footprint while providing reliable data to its customers.

Pascal Voyeau, CEO of Antea Group France, commented: “Reducing the environmental impact of our customers' construction sites and working with them to develop the circular economy are the goals we’ve set for ourselves. To achieve this, we are drawing on advanced technologies: the partnership with batiRIM® is a key success factor in our approach.”

If you would like to learn more: 

On September 21 at 11:00 a.m., Antea Group and batiRIM® are organizing a webinar on the subject of waste recovery in the construction industry upstream of the deconstruction or renovation phase, and more specifically on how digital technology cans help to achieve the new objectives related to the AGEC Law (French Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy).


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