Fondation SUEZ

Fondation SUEZ: new partnerships to combat exclusion

The Fondation SUEZ Board of Directors is continuing its commitment to a more inclusive world by supporting six projects in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, the Philippines and France.

Inclusion through access to essential services

In Côte d’Ivoire, the Fondation SUEZ is giving its backing to the Fondation Raoul Follereau through the “Promoting best practices in hygiene and sanitation in the Chiépo sub-prefecture” project. The project aims to improve the health of 30,000 people living in the Chiépo sub-prefecture, and particularly women and children, by strengthening the role of basic water, hygiene and sanitation services.

In Senegal, the Fondation SUEZ is supporting the NGO Le Partenariat in a programme to provide schools with drinking water and sanitation facilities. The project will benefit over 6,000 pupils.

The Fondation SUEZ is continuing its partnership with Eau & Vie, which is delivering a programme of domestic water access in residents’ homes in the slums of Cavite, near Manila. The programme also aims to establish a volunteer fire brigade and a community garden.

Inclusion through professional integration and education

In France, the Fondation SUEZ is supporting the Entourage association and its LinkedOut programme, which provides assistance and follow-up for people in long-term unemployment in their search for work. This includes a partnership with Maison pour Rebondir Ile de France, a SUEZ community initiative helping people return to work.

Following its support through the Covid-19 Fund, the Fondation SUEZ is continuing its partnership with the Fondation des Femmes for its programme helping women who have suffered violence to find work.

Finally, the Fondation SUEZ has decided to provide support for the Coup de Pouce clubs. The Coup de Pouce programme targets children who are struggling in education because their family environment does not provide enough educational support to enable them to succeed at school. The Coup de Pouce clubs deliver top-up teaching and train practitioners working on the ground.