We design, build and operate drinking water production plants, wastewater treatment plants and solid waste treatment facilities of all types and sizes, from small to very large plants, on all continents. Our technical know-how, methods and degremont® treatment processes are internationally recognised.

Models that adapt to your challenges and needs

Design, build, operate and maintain a treatment infrastructure

We bring technology and know-how to Design, Build, Operate and maintain (DBO) water and wastewater treatment plants & waste recycle and recovery facilities. Such integrated delivery model ensures you with a single point of accountability from design to operation. In particular, it ensures that asset is delivered within schedule and budget, and that asset will perform fully efficiently over its lifecycle.

Build, finance, operate and maintain a treatment infrastructure

Our expertise ranges from the construction, financing, operation and maintenance of drinking water production plants, wastewater treatment plants and waste recycling and recovery facilities. This type of collaboration allows you to obtain full or partial financing for your work to build a new plant or optimize an existing one. We structure the financing of 100% or part of the investments.

They trust us

We have many references of water treatment facilities delivered under Design, Build & Operate contracts (DBO) or Design, Build, Finance & Operate contracts (DBFO, BOT) in most countries in the world and hundreds of solid waste treatment facilities, such as waste-to-energy, anaerobic digestion, composting, mechanical-biological treatment, sorting & recycling, managed landfills for non-hazardous and hazardous waste).