Respecting all forms of diversity

We consider diversity in our teams to be a genuine source of wealth, value creation, innovation and performance.

We pay careful attention to the respect of all forms of diversity, whether visible or not; we are committed to our zero-tolerance policy with regards to all forms of discrimination.

Through our values of inclusion, we build an environment where each person is truly free to be themselves, to fulfil and to grow.

Our Diversity and Inclusion policy is a fundamental axis to the management of our human resources, and our strategy is founded on three pillars:

Developing the foundations for an inclusive culture
Fighting all forms of discrimination and respecting all forms of diversity
Building an inclusive environment that promotes performance and commitment

Promoting diversity and inclusion wherever SUEZ operates

We firmly believe that diversity represents a precious and essential asset for the Group’s development and attractiveness. It is our collective responsibility to commit to building an inclusive environment.
Unwavering in its commitment, SUEZ has developed a network of ambassadors throughout the world to spread its values and to implement programmes and actions that promote Diversity and Inclusion, wherever SUEZ operates, while complying with local legislation.

1. Developing the foundations for an inclusive culture

We are developing actions at every level in the company to challenge mindsets and help prevent unconscious biases that often stem from social constructs. We want to deconstruct prejudices and develop inclusive behaviour based on the principles of equal treatment and cooperation.

Employees are regularly given the opportunity to take part in awareness-raising and training courses (in-person and remote) as well as webinars. The goal is to develop inclusive behaviour on a daily basis through our practices.

2. Fighting all forms of discrimination and respecting all forms of diversity

It is our collective responsibility to fight against all forms of discrimination and to promote the equal treatment of all identities, i.e., ethnic or socio-cultural background, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, generation, physical appearance. SUEZ is actively involved in promoting professional equality to accelerate gender diversity and broaden our talent pools for all job roles.


In France, SUEZ continues to commit to upholding professional and pay equality, attaining an index of 89 in 2022.

Launched in 2021, the WO&MEN gender equality network aims to bring together men and women in order to promote inclusion, gender equality and development of women within the company. This network had over 800 members at the end of 2022. On 8 March 2022, International Women’s Day, the WO&MEN network and the Diversity & Inclusion Department brought together more than 1,200 French employees, both in person and remotely. A moment of respiration and inspiration inspiring with Sabrina Soussan, CEO of SUEZ, to share the benefits of a company open to diversity and inclusion, reasserting the Group’s ambitions with regards to promoting gender diversity.

Concerning disabilities, France’s Mission Handicap implements action plans aiming to raise awareness among employees to change mindsets and the way people view disabilities in order to promote access to and the retention of employment for persons with disabilities.

3. Building an inclusive environment that promotes performance and commitment

We are committed to supporting the diversity of profiles in their uniqueness for the wealth they offer; diversity of ideas, creativity and innovation to enhance a collective project.

Inclusion is an attitude and for this reason we support our teams, encouraging employees to be themselves. The Group is strengthening its actions to promote a work environment that values the diversity of each individual, while continuing to build synergies. We support innovations that contribute to the creation of inclusive environments and that favour attractiveness and collective well-being.

In India, SUEZ joined forces with the Gokhale Road Bandhan organisation and the British Deputy High Commission, as well as with other partner companies in Kolkata to mark IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia) on 17 May 2022. A forum was held to facilitate discussions on the need to raise awareness for LGBTIQ+ community rights, the need for strong HR policies in the workspace and on how to ensure that the community feels included in society.

*LGBT+: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and + for all other persons who do not identify as heterosexual and/or cisgender.


The group has created an e-learning module and a brochure to provide everyone with the essential knowledge and best practices for the inclusion of the LGBT+ community.

It is up to each of us, through our goodwill and open-mindedness, to contribute to the development of an inclusive culture; we must open up to differences, encourage each person to express themselves through their uniqueness and learn to challenge different points of view. 
Laurence BARET , Director of Diversity & Inclusion