Inclusion and diversity at SUEZ

At SUEZ, we know that diversity is a strength; it is part of our daily life and of our territorial presence. That is why we are committed to an Inclusion and Diversity policy that applies to all levels of the organisation, from a general culture of diversity to tangible measures that ensure an inclusive working environment for all our employees.
Our actions

Promoting an inclusive culture

SUEZ encourages and values diversity in gender, ethnicity, generation, culture, health, physical condition, sexual orientation, etc. because it is these qualities that form the individual character of each employee.

The Group promotes an inclusive culture through a range of actions, such as the following:

  • workshops to raise awareness of unconscious biases within the group;
  • e-learning courses on discrimination, stereotypes, sexual orientation, and disabilities;
  • SUEZ’s involvement in international initiatives such as International Women’s Rights Day (8 March), International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March), World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue, and Development (21 May), and International Day for Persons with Disabilities (3 December);
  • by signing the International Labour Organisation’s charter for the inclusion of disabled workers in the workplace;
  • by signing the Other Circle Charter in France to promote the inclusion of LGBT+ people
  • a network of Inclusion & Diversity ambassadors;
  • by organising the Inclusion and Diversity Awards and the Gender Equality Awards;

as well as many other initiatives around the world.

Workplace integration

Supporting people in need

SUEZ also offers integration programmes for people from disadvantaged populations or on the fringes of the employment market. To that end, the Group has set up in-house organisations dedicated to integration and the Social and Solidarity Economy.
For example, more than 500 people received assistance in France in 2020 thanks to our subsidiary Rebond (page in French), a major player in integration within the environmental sector. At the conclusion of that assistance, 70% of the participants found a job or opted for training leading to a qualification.
> 9,000
people have received assistance through the Rebond scheme since 2002

> 500

people in the integration programme received assistance in 2020

> 70

of the participants succeeded in finding employment or training leading to a qualification in 2020
The Group promotes its values around the world by taking part in many actions aimed at promoting integration and equal opportunities.
Gender diversity

Strengthening gender diversity and professional equality

SUEZ actively promotes gender diversity and is committed to having 25% women in its ranks by 2022 and 33% women managers by 2023.
The Group signed the European Agreement on Professional Equality in 2019 with representatives of European trade union federations. SUEZ has taken the decision to invite all its entities to immediately apply the principles and guidelines of that agreement in all countries where the Group operates, while complying with local legislation.

We also organise the Gender Diversity Awards through calls for projects from all members of the women’s networks in SUEZ.

The drivers of our progress

We have activated several drivers simultaneously to increase the number of women in our workforce and broaden our talent pool:

  • Drawing in more women: accelerating the recruitment of women by paying particular attention to job descriptions (gender-neutral and attractive writing, feminisation of technical jobs), and increasing the number of women among finalist candidates (at least one female finalist for each position)
  • Creating a woman-friendly work environment with more flexibility for women’s well-being in the workplace, and SUEZ women’s networks.
  • Reducing pay gaps: the Group is especially attentive to analysing pay gaps between women and men. Each year, SUEZ makes progress in reducing those gaps. Furthermore, in France, following the introduction of the obligation for companies to publish a gender equality index, SUEZ publishes the indices of its French entities with 50 or more employees every year on 1 March. For 2021, SUEZ’s average index in France is 88.9.
  • Promoting personal development programmes for women to accelerate their promotion to key positions
  • Developing dedicated coaching & mentoring programmes for women to open up additional career opportunities
  • Changing the culture through communication in order to change mentalities about women in the workplace (dispelling stereotypes and unconscious biases),
    - Strengthening social dialogue: SUEZ has signed a European agreement on professional equality (with commitments on parenthood, the fight against sexism and sexual harassment, and the promotion of women to top management positions), etc.
    - by promoting communication initiatives in favour of women’s rights: International Women's Rights Day, campaign against everyday sexist behaviour, testimonies of women in positions of responsibility, etc.