Employee development

Employees play an essential role in our transformation, that’s why developing know-how and skills is a priority. SUEZ involves every single employee in the future success and performance of our company.
Skills development

Developing know-how and competencies

Employees play an essential role in transformation, which is the reason why their skills are one of the keys to our development This is why training is a priority for us.
The figures from 2019 demonstrate this ambition, with 69.4% of employees worldwide who took part in training.

A total of 1.62 million hours of training (including e-learning) were delivered, or an average of 26.4 hours per person trained.
of training on average in 2019
of employees trained in 2019

Almost 930,000 hours of knowledge shared

These hours of training were supplemented by numerous learning situations in the everyday working environment: seminars, professional role playing, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, apprenticeships and professional conferences. In this way, the know-how developed by SUEZ can be formally defined and shared between employees, and new skills and knowledge can be permanently spread throughout the company.

Equal access to training

We are committed to providing equitable access to training for everyone, irrespective of their position in the company. We have created training for every part of our business.

E-learning at SUEZ

The development of the use of e-learning is tantamount to  our training strategy. In 2019, it represents 17.7% of the total number of training hours provided during 2019 (16,5% in 2018). E-learning makes experiments with new training content easier, along the lines of I learn, a digital platform containing more than one thousand training resources (videos, interactive modules and practical guides in several languages).

I learn: the platform dedicated to SUEZ employees

With I learn e-learning platform, SUEZ’s employees can hone new skills in management, communications, leadership and holding meetings. They can also use on-line operational analysis tools to assess skills and optimize the development of their teams.
Attractive compensation

A competitive and equitable compensation policy

We involve all employees in the future success and performance of the company by implementing a dynamic and fair pay policy that is in keeping with its values and societal commitments.
of employees bought shares in 25 countries in 2019

A pay policy guided by ethics

The Group’s compensation policy is based on three ethical principles:
  • Globality: compensation includes all components, monetary or otherwise, direct or indirect, immediate or deferred
  • Competitiveness: in every country where the Group does business, the levels of compensation meet the highest market standards
  • Equity: compensation takes both individual and collective performance into consideration

As part of our diversity policy, we pay close attention to equal pay between men and women.

Involving employees in the development of the company

We offer our employees the possibility to become more closely involved with the development and performance
  • 2008: the Group enters the financial markets in July.
  • 2009: SUEZ launches its free shares plan, in which employees all over the world are entitled to 30 SUEZ shares.
  • 2011: SUEZ launches SHARING, its first share offer for employees, in France and internationally. It covers almost 76,000 employees in 19 countries.
  • 2014: SUEZ launches its second share offer for employees, in France and internationally. 16,519 group employees joined the SHARING 2014 scheme in 22 countries: Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Macao, Morocco, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • In 2015, SUEZ received the Award for Employee Share Ownership from the French Federation of Associations of Employee and former Employee Shareholders. Since 2010, the proportion of employee shareholders has more than tripled, demonstrating the faith that our employees have in the future of the Group.
  • 2017: SUEZ launched its third share offer for employees. Nearly 22,000 employees from the 20 participating countries have subscribed, i.e. 29% of eligible employees. With this new offer, employee shareholders now hold about 3.8% of the capital and are the Group’s 3rd largest shareholder.
  • 2019: in October, SUEZ launched its fourth share offer for employees in France and internationally. The offer was oversubscribed by 17,317 employees in the 25 participating countries. The subscription rate was nearly 21%, representing an employee contribution of around €25 million. As of December 31, 2019, the total number of shares held by Group employees represented 2.57% of the share capital.