Building on our employees’ skills and knowledge

By joining SUEZ, you will be taking an active role in your own career development thanks to our wide range of training programmes:

Nearly 1,200,000 hours of shared knowledge

In addition to these training sessions (in the fields of technology, health & safety, management, sales & marketing, digital technology, personal development, etc.), there are many learning opportunities integrated into the daily work environment: seminars, work situation role playing, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, apprenticeships, professional conferences, etc.

Equitable access to training

The Group is committed to ensuring equitable access to training for all its employees, regardless of their level in the organisation. To that end, we have developed a policy to give all our employees access to on-the-ground training, or as close to it as possible. The goal of that policy is for 80% of our employees to receive training each year.

Despite the pandemic, 55% of the Group’s employees received training in 2020. This was made possible by adapting our training methods in order to:

  • help our teams adjust to new ways of working,
  • continue to develop our employees’ skills in ways that do not put them or their in-house or external trainers at risk
  • use training sessions as an opportunity to maintain the experience and the human connection, which are more necessary than ever in a context of remote working.

The training experience at SUEZ

Various training methods are offered according to the professional context, the type of skills to be developed, and the needs of each individual.

In 2020, 20,000 employees used Talent'Up—the Group’s online training platform—to view more than 4,000 e-learning resources.

Learning at SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

We also organise a wide variety of webinars and online training sessions on all sorts of practices and areas of interest. In this way, we aim to share our in-house expertise and external sources of inspiration with broad communities.

We also have unique opportunities for our employees to meet face-to-face with their peers and share their experiences from their job and their commitment to the environment.

One such opportunity is the Environmental Fresco, a programme that will be rolled out to 100% of our employees by 2023. Or indeed our Virtual Reality Health & Safety training sessions on the 10 rules that save lives.

of training per employee trained on average in 2020
of our employees received training in 2020

Choose a career that fits your profile

Internal mobility is an excellent pathway to career development for our employees, and a great way to enrich our teams through diversity.

SUEZ employees have access to exceptionally wide-ranging and diversified career paths. Over the course of their career, they can avail of options to keep their work varied, motivating, and instructive.

SUEZ employees have many options available to develop their skills: access to training programmes, professional networks, technical information, and projects... There is no lack of opportunities to progress!

And as they develop their skills, SUEZ employees have real opportunities to develop their career: promotions and transfers to new positions, work bridges, geographical mobility... Come on board and grow with us!

Are you interested in giving your career an international dimension?

We offer expatriate positions all over the world, as well as short- and medium-term assignments in the Group’s various subsidiaries.

A closer look at the Explorer programme:

  • Explorer is a programme that allows our employees to carry out assignments abroad within the Group for periods ranging from a few weeks to a few months (6 months maximum). The programme offers SUEZ employees an enriching experience  by immersing themselves in new roles and a new working environment.
  • Explorer also paves the way for the transfer of skills, know-how, and resources. And it helps foster cooperation between our teams in different countries.
> 4,000
employees took advantage of internal mobility opportunities in 2020

A competitive and equitable remuneration policy

SUEZ involves all its employees in the Group’s success and future performance through a dynamic and equitable remuneration policy in line with its values and social commitments.

Ethical principles to guide remuneration policy

The Group’s remuneration policy is based on three ethical principles:

  • comprehensive: remuneration includes all elements, monetary or otherwise, direct or indirect, immediate or deferred
  • competitive: in each country where we operate, our remuneration levels are among the market benchmarks
  • equitable: remuneration takes into account both individual and collective performance

As part of its diversity policy, SUEZ is committed to examining equal pay for men and women.