Work together to rise to the challenges of tomorrow

By choosing to work at SUEZ, you will be joining a corporate culture that is geared towards collaboration.
  • Let’s harness the power of our collective intelligence to take on major challenges
  • Choose to work in a company that values teamwork.
  • Work collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve the best possible results

Reasons to believe it

  • Platforms for sharing technical expertise
  • Technical Day events organised by our Business Lines to encourage knowledge sharing between our experts around the world
  • A network of in-house trainers
  • 30 international knowledge-sharing seminars every year
  • Partnerships with schools and universities
  • 28 technical and expertise communities
  • Customer-oriented approaches and methods
  • 24 open innovation programmes bringing together SUEZ employees
  • Partnerships with associations, schools, and organisations to promote integration into the labour force