Innovate with new solutions and practices

By choosing to work at SUEZ, you are participating in the transition to the circular economy.
  • Give free rein to your entrepreneurial spirit and develop new solutions to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Be part of the transformation process to create a new business based on social value, data analysis, smart solutions, and new models.

Reasons to believe it

  • 17 research centres around the world
  • €120 million spent on R&D in 2020
  • 650 experts and researchers in the fields of water, waste materials, air, and digital technology
  • 50.9% of waste recovered in the form of material or energy (and that is not including the biogas recovered from waste storage facilities)
  • 400,950 metric tons of plastics sorted and recycled
  • 67.1% of bottom ash recovered (and that is not including the bottom ash recovered by our subcontractors)
  • 25.4% of wastewater reused
  • 10.2 million metric tons of carbon emissions avoided for SUEZ customers
  • SUEZ supports the development of innovative young companies. We have already picked out 1,200 innovative start-ups in the environmental sphere to support.