Our experts

At SUEZ, technical experts play an essential role in solving complex problems related to water, waste and environmental management. Their in-depth expertise enables them to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of our time.
Our network of experts

Technical expertise to support SUEZ's development

Today, SUEZ has a network of 1,100 high-level experts with valuable know-how developed over many years.

  • they possess expertise whose value represents a competitive advantage for SUEZ
  • they can mobilise this expertise independently in complex and uncertain environments
  • they are capable of training employees and transferring their know-how
  • they know how to develop their fields by designing new tools, developing new approaches, or broadening the fields of application
  • they are recognised as references in their field(s) and can act as ambassadors for SUEZ in their speciality.

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Credit: SUEZ group