Fighting against leaks, finding new water resources

Fighting water leaks is essential to preserving this precious resource. By using cutting-edge technologies and stepping up network monitoring, we can reduce losses and optimise water use. At the same time, alternative water resources, such as the reuse of wastewater, are crucial to the sustainability of our water supply.

Algorithms: smart sensors with eyes and ears in drinking water networks 

Vast quantities of drinking water are lost worldwide due to water leaks in networks. In France, according to the Professional Federation of Water Enterprises (FP2E), 20% of drinking water is lost every year. Faced with increasing droughts, every drop of water counts! 

Detect and repair leaks as soon as possible

AQUADVANCED® Water Networks is a platform that relies on sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to better detect abnormal situations in real time and locate leaks. Acting as a control tower in drinking water distribution networks, this solution cross-references, analyses and processes the data sent by sensors (flow rate, pressure, acoustics etc.) installed in the network to guide our operators on the ground to perform repairs as soon as possible. 
In addition to connected fixed sensor solutions, SUEZ deploys mobile solutions, such as the Pipers Ball. This is sent into drinking water networks to inspect the pipes in situ and detect possible leaks via on-board sensors.

Another solution used in plastic or low-pressure networks is Idroloc, which involves injecting helium into the network to detect surface traces using a robot.

Invest in the right place at the right time

AssetAdvanced® is a tool for optimising the management of water networks which combines artificial intelligence, materials expertise, and optimisation algorithms. It enables project owners, especially local authorities, to anticipate potential interruptions and target their investment choices where risks are concentrated.

Increase the longevity of networks and avoid wear and tear

Pressure in water networks poses the risk of accelerated ageing in pipes. The aim of the Calm Network™ solution and its AQUADVANCED® Water Networks pressure management module is to provide better control of pressure and minimise its impact. Using high-frequency pressure sensors, intelligent algorithms and remote valve or pump control systems, it reduces the mechanical stress experienced by networks and the flow of leaks.
+ 140,000 leaks detected and repaired / 65 million m³ of water saved
In 2022, of the 140,000 km of pipes managed by SUEZ worldwide: + 140,000 leaks were detected and repaired by SUEZ teams (including 40,000 in France), i.e. 330 leaks per day! And 65 million m³ was saved between 2020 and 2022 on SUEZ contracts (i.e. the consumption of a city of 1.2 million inhabitants).
Reversible well and REUSE

Reversible well, reuse treated wastewater, increase the availability of water to ensure a permanent resource

SUEZ provides alternative water resources through innovative techniques such as reversible well to better manage groundwater storage and the reuse of treated wastewater for new purposes.

Reversible well for groundwater resources

Groundwater recharge aims to increase or maintain the right amount of stored water. Using its know-how, SUEZ promotes faster, more advanced technology known as reversible well (ASR, Aquifer Storage and Recovery). Depending on the season, this ingenious solution allows water to be injected into the groundwater and the water stock, built up during periods of water shortage, to be recovered from a single facility. 

Implement new applications suitable for treated wastewater

Innovation is about giving a second life to treated wastewater, which has long been regarded as waste. This treated wastewater from the wastewater treatment plant provides a sustainable, reliable, controlled, and available water resource. The treated wastewater can thus be used in applications as varied as agricultural irrigation, watering golf courses and gardens, and road cleaning.
16 000 m³/day of recycled water
In Australia, SUEZ upgraded the Bonéo water recycling plant near Melbourne, increasing capacity by 50% to 31,200 m³/day and producing 16,000 m³/day of recycled water for agriculture and irrigation.
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