To keep pace with the accelerating needs of our customers and partners, we are leveraging our capacity for transformation, innovation and collaboration.
Jérôme Bailly , Senior Vice President, Innovation, Research and Services

Building circular solutions in water and waste through innovation

The environmental services sector is at a turning point in its development. Climate change, scarcity of resources, the energy crisis and the return of inflation call for new solutions.
SUEZ has leading teams and assets, both in France and internationally, to support its capacity for innovation. With 1100 experts around the world, nearly 1700 patents and 10 research centres and centres of excellence, not to mention an innovative approach across the company, SUEZ is committed to accelerating major transitions by leveraging its strengths.

Our innovations for circular solutions in water and waste

Beijing Huaifang Reclaimed Water Plant - Sewage treatment plant (China) - SUEZ

Fighting against leaks, finding new water resources

Fighting water leaks is essential to preserving this precious resource. By using cutting-edge technologies and stepping up network monitoring, we can reduce losses and optimise water use, while creating new resources.
Water sampling room - Macao Water - Ilha Verde (Macao) - SUEZ

Protecting water quality for everybody's health 

SUEZ makes water quality one of the priorities of its research activities. A pioneer in the analysis and treatment of micro pollutants, the Group is developing new processes to identify and eliminate complex pollutants such as PFAS and metabolites.

Treasure in our rubbish: artificial intelligence and waste recognition

Artificial intelligence offers promising solutions for optimising waste management. Thanks to its advanced recognition capabilities, it can accurately identify and sort different materials, paving the way for a sustainable circular economy.
Densifier and pellets obtained after densification and extrusion on the CIRSEE PLASTlab platform, in Croissy-sur-Seine, France - SUEZ

Separating the inseparable: when recycling attacks complex materials

Some materials are complex to process and recycle. This is the case for wind turbine blades and PET (polyethylene terephthalate). As a precursor, SUEZ offers innovations to successfully separate the inseparable.
Drinking water production plant and decarbonation by electrolysis in Allerey-sur-Saône - SUEZ

Decarbonising the water and waste sector and promoting renewable energy

SUEZ is innovating to transform non-recyclable waste and sewage sludge into local, renewable energy that supports the ecological transition in local areas. SUEZ is also exploring technologies for capturing, storing and using CO2 that will play a major role in achieving carbon neutrality.
Plastic separation table at the RecyCâbles site in Noyelles-Godault - SUEZ

Nothing goes to waste – everything is transformed:  bringing new materials to life

To bring new materials to life, SUEZ is constantly innovating to develop new techniques for transforming waste into high-quality materials and to explore new opportunities for their use.

Changing our behaviour for more sustainable uses

To support the change towards more sober uses, SUEZ stands out for its approach to behavioural innovation, contractual innovation and social innovation.

10 R&D centers of excellence in France and Asia

With its network of competences centres, SUEZ offers advanced technical and scientific know-how in water and waste that is capable of rising to the new challenges facing the Group’s customers.

1,100 experts with valuable know-how

At SUEZ, technical experts play an essential role in solving complex problems related to water, waste and environmental management. Their in-depth expertise enables them to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of our time.

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