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Discipline, selectivity and flexibility are the key priorities of the group which is fully dedicated to resource management.

Financial information
Financial information

2017 Annual results

Preliminary results announced end of January and targets for 2018 fully confirmed, implementation of an action plan to support growth and improve profitability, group management committee adapted to reach these targets.

2017 EBIT
2017 net income
Individual shareholders
Individual shareholders

Numerous services and benefits on offer to shareholders

As a shareholder, you can cast your vote at our Annual General Meetings, take part in the various events organized by the Shareholders’ Club and be invited to voice your opinion about our company’s future.

Business case
Analysts and investors

A clear strategy and a solid financial performance

We have implemented a clear and successful strategy since our IPO in 2008. Our leading position on the markets and our financial results bear this out.

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