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With a history in the water and waste sectors stretching  back over 160 years  SUEZ is working on all 5 continents in the service of an efficient and sustainable management of resources.
Our ambition

Being the leader of the resource revolution

Demographic and urban growth, global warming and natural resources shortages has driven a worldwide shift towards a growth model that consumes less resources. The reinvention of our modes of management, production and consumption of resources is at the very heart of our strategy.

Our global footprint

We have 88,775 employees taking part in the resource revolution

On all 5 continents, SUEZ supports local authorities and industries in the efficient, innovative and sustainable management of their resources.

Our history

150 years of history at the service of human progress

From the inauguration of the Suez Canal through the revolutions of hygiene and public health, urban comfort, our solutions and technologies have accompanied cities and industries to meet the challenges of urban and demographic growth. 150 years after the inauguration of the Suez Canal, SUEZ builds on its pioneering history and culture of innovation to announce a new ambition: to shape a sustainable environment, now, with cities, industries and citizens.

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