AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage: optimise your wastewater and rainwater management systems

AQUADVANCED® urban drainage is a real time software solution dedicated to the monitoring and control of sewerage networks. Thanks to the processing of meteorological data, information from different sensors on the sewerage system, and advanced algorithms, the solution allows to anticipate and prevent floods, control the quality of discharges into the receiving environment, while optimising the existing regulation and treatment infrastructures.
  • Collection and processing of data from sanitation networks, using sensors and devices: flow meters, rain gauges, outlets, pumping stations
  • Geographic dashboard or real time rainwater and wastewater network synopsis
  • Regulatory compliance reports (periodic or on-going diagnosis)
  • Event detection (blockages, clear water infiltration etc.)
  • Weather forecasting and rainwater volume monitoring with radar visual display
  • Forecast for heavy rains and risks of overflow in networks
  • Real-time optimisation of sanitation system storage and treatment capacity, with or without automatic sanitation system control

Smart sewerage system management - AQUADVANCED URBAN DRAINAGE - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

  • Overall improvement in sanitation service quality and compliance with evolving environmental regulation
  • Protection of population and assets against flooding risks coming from sanitation networks: anticipation up to 20 hours in advance
  • Conservation of the natural environment's quality: up to 45% reduction in discharges per year
  • Investment and financial performance optimisation: up to 50% reduction in expenditure on additional storage capacity
Success cases
  • Singapore: optimising of the Marina Dam operations, to maintain reservoir levels during heavy rains
  • Biarritz: over 40% reduction in wastewater discharged into bathing water