Mankind shaped cities to meet its essential needs: for protection, for sustenance, for communication

As technical progress and people's expectations evolve, cities grow or reinvent themselves as their organisation and governance continuously change.

Today, we must adapt urban spaces to meet growing environmental concerns and rethink the practices of what will soon be eight billion inhabitants on this planet. At SUEZ Consulting, our strategic consultancy, design and development projects are run by men and women who consider the environment a priority, to help cities become more sustainable, more pleasant places to live.

How can local resources, new technology, and new practices provide a solution to today's urban issues such as energy management, mobility, and safety in public spaces, whilst limiting their environmental impact?

Operating across the entire urban services value chain

At SUEZ Consulting, we provide our technical and scientific expertise to imagine, create and reinvent the facilities needed for a safe and secure environment.

We operate across the entire urban services value chain:
  • Access to water, through to effluent treatment,
  • Management of all waste, with a circular energy approach,
  • Energy production,
  • Installation of telecommunications and transport infrastructure,
  • Creation of public and green spaces.

We design our projects by taking into consideration the environmental and health risks that inhabitants face: flooding, heat islands, noise pollution, air quality, water resources, etc.

Helping cities to drive their environmental and digital transitions

Aware that the city is a complex system, composed of separate yet interconnected elements, we provide all our renowned expertise as part of a systemic and comprehensive project management approach. This approach provides a substantial positive contribution, preventing considerable damage in terms of potential socio-economic and financial impact. Our mission is therefore to:
  • Design sustainable and appealing infrastructure;
  • Tackle projects by adopting an approach focusing on the environmental and digital transition (low-energy options, nature-based solutions, circular economy, smart objects, etc.).

For your green hydrogen projects, support throughout the value chain

70 years of expertise and a strong presence in France enable us to support you throughout your green hydrogen projects.

Identification of production potential and uses, of renewable energy sources, permitting and implementation: we cover the entire value chain of hydrogen projects.

Our approach:
  • Study the needs & potential of territories and organisations
  • Characterise the decarbonated energy sources, water requirements and supply conditions
  • Manage the project, from permitting to financing levers (innovation, carbon finance, subsidies, etc.)
  • Designing the engineering of the sites' infrastructures and supervising the execution of the works

From obtaining regulatory approvals to site development and resource management, we support you throughout the value chain of your hydrogen projects.



Mathilde Pecnard

Head of Urban Projects Unit, Consulting & Strategy Division, SUEZ Consulting [email protected]

Gilles Tourbillon

Urban Infrastructure Activity Director, Southern France and Overseas Division, SUEZ Consulting [email protected]