The island of Mayotte calls on SUEZ to reduce its carbon footprint

In July 2019, Mayotte departmental council offered SUEZ the entire prime contractorship contract for the lagoon’s passenger transport ferry terminals. In 2023, SUEZ will cut carbon emissions by 4,000 tonnes of CO2 a year by introducing shuttle services using latest generation, environmentally-friendly ferries.
The mission

Help improving air quality in the harbors

Located halfway between Madagascar and Mozambique off the east coast of Africa, Mayotte is a small group of islands that is part of the Comoros archipelago.

Mayotte has the highest population density in France after the Paris region and has only one coast road. Problems caused by road traffic density are very frequent.

Fully aware of this issue, Mayotte departmental council was looking for a solution to reduce road traffic and, consequently, the island’s carbon impact, and improve mobility for local inhabitants and tourists.

inhabitants per km2 in 2017
coast road on the whole island
Our solution

Diagnose, monitor and optimize air quality thanks to an advanced mathematical monitoring tool 

Developing and optimising ferry transport infrastructure

Teams at SUEZ Consulting are responsible for the entire prime contractorship of passenger transport ferry terminals on the island’s lagoon. The project, which will be completed in 2023, will cut carbon emissions from road traffic by 4,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

We will introduce shuttle services using latest generation ferries that are environmentally friendly and able to withstand the swells that are common in Mayotte’s lagoon.

We will support the departmental council in the different construction projects required, including car parks, pontoons, ferry terminals with special ticketing systems, and access roads.

Meeting the expectations of Mayotte’s ferry transport passengers

The long-term aim is to become a reference for passenger ferry services in the Indian Ocean. Not only be reducing the island’s carbon footprint, but also by improving transport conditions and passenger comfort for workers, students and tourists, by cutting journey times and reducing the risk of accidents.

We have already carried out a similar project for Mayotte’s departmental council. By developing a multimodal transit hub for transport by road (public transport and taxis) and water (barges) in Mamoudzou, we have created a more functional and attractive terminal for passengers.



 of CO2 saved per year in 2023 by cutting carbon emissions from road traffic