Sustainable waste management in Greater Manchester

SUEZ and SAICA group successfully partnered up to help Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority (GMCA) to achieve their sustainable waste management targets. The partnership supported GMCA to manage household waste from over 1 million homes across nine Greater Manchester boroughs.
Paper sorting facility

100 000 tonnes of paper and board to recover, sort and process

Our main objective is to increase recycling rates significantly and divert over 96% of Greater Manchester’s municipal waste from landfill facilities.
All Greater Manchester paper and cardboard are now recycled locally at Saica paper mill and the recovered newsprint is recycled within the UK.
This partnership with Saica is a great example of industrial success to set out positive climate impact.

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Pulp & Paper – Local and sustainable management of 100 000 tonnes per year of paper & board – SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

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