The Bassin de Brive urban area, a pioneer in the sustainable management of water resources in France

Due to climate change, the French department of Corrèze is subject to droughts during the summer. With big ambitions in terms of economic and tourist attractiveness, the Brive region seeks to secure and preserve water resources, and adapt its management by relying on both innovative technology and citizen-led initiatives.

The urban area has therefore set the new public service delegation’s main target at 21% reduction in the quantity of water taken from the natural environment. This goal is set in a sound economic and contractual model that links the service operator’s revenue to the annual reduction in volume.

Awarded to SUEZ for a seven-year period from 1 January 2022, the public service delegation contract for drinking water and sanitation in the urban area’s municipalities covers 37 municipalities for drinking water and 48 municipalities for sanitation.

Supporting users and preserving water resources through digital technology

The water service draws on technical innovation and digital tools to detect potential leaks.

In order to prevent leaks between the catchment area and residents’ taps, SUEZ is committed to increasing the number of renewed connections each year and reducing the time required to repair them.

The efficiency of the service relies on the teams’ capacity to react quickly thanks to the feedback and analysis of network operating data. This data is continuously gathered and analysed in a smart control centre located in Brive. It is used to help decision-making and optimise operations.

A comprehensive system to help residents manage their water consumption more efficiently

The residents of the Bassin de Brive urban area will all be equipped with a remote meter reading device by 2024. They will benefit from a tool allowing them to continuously monitor their water consumption. Each resident will be able to consult their consumption online at any given time, and will receive an SMS or email notifying them of an unusual increase in their consumption, which may be due to a leak in their private installation.

Since being aware of one’s consumption is essential in order to change behavioural patterns, each user will have access to a customisable digital application, linked to remote metering, to help them reduce their consumption.

The urban area has also decided to provide households with free water-saving equipment. To support these actions, a strong citizen-led approach will be rolled out as of 2022. This approach includes raising awareness, monitoring and sharing consumption trends.

The “Small Business Act”, a driver of economic development and regional employment

Approximately 10 SMEs in Brive will work alongside the water and sanitation services, contributing their know-how as part of a “Small Business Act”. SUEZ’s long-term commitment will allow them to develop their business sustainably and create local jobs.

This will include dredging the sanitation networks and public works activities. The economic terms of the new contract will allow the urban area to increase investment in renovating the sanitation network by 1 million euros per year.

Goal: 21% reduction in the quantity of water withdrawn

With this new agreement, which combines expertise, innovation for resource preservation and active contribution by residents, the urban area is fully in line with future water-related challenges.
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