Ensure sustainable management of raw materials and waste flows, maintain production machines

In an ever-changing context, industrials in the pulp and paper sector must adapt to improve the quality of their products and to reduce their environmental impacts. To enable this, world leader in paper-based packaging Smurfit Kappa encourages innovation at its production facilities. The company develops smart packaging solutions, recycled papers and ready-to-use packaging, for example.

The availability of its production machines alongside the sustainable management of its raw materials and waste are essential to the uninterrupted and secure production of paper at its plants. 

The current delegated management contract was signed in 2015 for a 3-year term, enabling SUEZ to support Smurfit Kappa in its continuous production of paper at Biganos-Facture.
of kraft paper produced per year

Secure the supply of production materials, perform maintenance on machines and manage site waste

Our role had three components: manage the supply of raw materials, regular full cleaning of machines,  manage solid and liquid waste generated by the site.

Manage the supply of raw materials

Smurfit Kappa uses recycled paper in the production of its packaging products. As its supplier, SUEZ delivers recycled paper from its sorting centres to paper production plants.

Rapid intervention

Smurfit Kappa production machines are only shut down for brief periods, during which they must receive full maintenance. The dedicated team of 10 technicians with all the skills, accreditations and equipment required to deliver this servicing, is supervised by a maintenance manager. The team carries out full servicing on production machines:  cleaning, pumping, scouring.

Full waste management

The production machine maintenance team also manages solid and liquid waste produced by the site:

  • collection,
  • storage,
  • management and recovery.

Daily support for continuous production activities at the Biganos-Facture plant

To maintain and clean production machines, supply the site with recycled raw materials, manage and recover waste, as a strategic partner of industrial producers such as paper makers, delivers unique know-how to Smurfit Kappa in a fully safe and secure environment.