Operation Zero Final Waste at a Bouygues site

Bouygues Rénovation Privée commissioned SUEZ to manage and recover waste at a renovation site in Neuilly-sur-Seine, in France, contributing to its “Zero Final Waste Site” operation. This program aims to recover 100% of site waste to avoid sending it to landfill. SUEZ improves waste recovery by sorting it at the source and qualifying the different waste flows so that they can be sent to the right recovery channels.
Zero Final Waste Site

Waste no more with 100% circularity and 100% traceability of impact

Our global solution is based on the quest for performance in waste sorting and recovery, the technical nature of the waste diagnostic, and the continuous presence of the “SUEZ green man” at the site. Discover our top story in this video.

Construction - Operation Zero Final Waste at a Bouygues site – SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group