Naples guarantees bathing water quality and protects tourism in the bay thanks to SUEZ technologies

Naples has some of the greatest historic and natural heritage in Italy and a coastline that is famous worldwide. To protect the beauty of the coast and its appeal to tourists, SUEZ deploys innovative technologies to guarantee the quality of bathing water in the area.
Our mission

Treat wastewater and guarantee bathing water quality

The aim of the major “Regi Lagni – Naples” project is to redevelop five wastewater treatment plants (Cuma, North Naples, Marcianise, Acerra and Foce Regni Lagni), which have a total capacity of 4.5 million population equivalent. SUEZ is undertaking the renovations and also manages the Cuma and North Naples wastewater treatment plants.
Our solution

Innovative technologies to guarantee quality and sustainability

SUEZ deploys innovative technologies to significantly reduce the energy footprint of the two plants, including by controlling consumption of the air required for biological treatment. It will also conserve resources by making use of the waste sludge (cogeneration) and recovering heat from available thermal flows (cogeneration, dryers, and heating and cooling systems).

More specifically, the Degremont® technology GreenbassTM for the regulation of sequenced aeration for activated sludge continuously adjusts the airflow to the biological tank according to real-time needs.
The results



population equivalent