In Morocco, Boone Comenor Metalimpex implements its integrated management model for recycling metal waste at Renault manufacturing plant

Renault called on Boone Comenor Metalimpex, a subsidiary of SUEZ and RENAULT, to design, from scratch, a waste treatment facility specialising in metal waste from its automobile manufacturing plant near Tangier.
The aim for Renault was exemplary environmental performance.
The mission
Renault needed the metal waste from its new car manufacturing plant to be impeccably managed. The plant, which has a production capacity of 330,000 vehicles a year, is located in Tangier Free Zone, 30 km from the port. To manage this ambitious project, Renault needed a specialist recycling company capable of designing two platforms: one on-site at the Renault manufacturing plant and the other, located off-site, to sort, bulk, compact and sell through appropriate recovery channels all new scrap from its own plant and those of its subcontractors.
Our solution

To ensure the recycling process became a fluent element in plant operations, everything had to be designed specially, requiring investment in efficient industrial processes and considerable efforts to make sure metal waste was recovered and marketed in an effective manner. To carry out this mammoth task, a 25,000 m² plot of land had to be purchased, two platforms were built in Tangier, and a whole new workforce needed to be recruited and trained.

During the two years required to set up the two treatment centres, Boone Comenor Metalimpex provided Renault with its operational, logistical, technical, commercial, administrative and financial expertise to ensure that the final result complied with the customer’s expectations.

The results
This fantastic industrial opportunity resulted in the launch of an exemplary model of an integrated, on-site waste management process that collects, sorts, packs and compacts metal scrap for recovery.
Seven years after the two platforms were launched, the 25 employees based at the plant manage 90,000 tonnes of metal waste a year, representing 83% of the metal collected by Metalimpex Maroc.

The platform has been awarded 90001 certification.

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at the Renault plant