Designing and building the low-carbon future of our regions

The aim of Est Ensemble, which represents 400,000 residents, is to increase its resilience to climate change and meet France's trajectory for carbon neutrality by 2050. It meets the ambitious targets set by Greater Paris Métropole to limit global heating to below 2°C.

With the aim of bringing local residents on board, a local citizens' climate assembly was set up in September 2021. Made up of 100 randomly selected citizens to represent the region, the convention has a few months to agree on concrete solutions to tackle climate change, whilst respecting social and environmental justice.

SUEZ Consulting is helping the Est Ensemble area, which covers nine municipalities in Greater Paris (Bagnolet, Bobigny, Bondy, Le Pré Saint-Gervais, Les Lilas, Montreuil, Noisy-Le-Sec, Pantin and Romainville), to update its local Climate, Air and Energy plan (PCAET).
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Limit global heating to below 2°C
residents in the Est Ensemble area
inhabitants/sq. km
of households in unstable energy supply situations, with over 10% of the household's income assigned to energy

Providing local responses to the challenges of climate change and continuing the energy transition in progress

Our teams are working with Est Ensemble to revise, facilitate and consult on the plan and schedule the energy aspects in order to provide local responses to the challenges of climate change and continue the energy transition in progress.

Several specific initiatives are planned:
  • Developing the area’s climate, air and energy analysis
  • Looking forward to 2030–2050 and producing scenarios for energy consumption, renewable energy generation and recovery, GHG emissions, atmospheric pollutants and energy supplies
  • Assisting with the design of the local action plan
  • Conducting strategic environmental assessment of the action plan
  • Developing tools to monitor and assess the plan's implementation

A highly operational action plan focusing on additional studies conducted on a regional level:
  • Energy planning study
  • Energy master plan for the Est Ensemble building stock
  • Development of an interactive mapping tool
  • Resilience study
  • Study of air quality and mobility

Finally, our teams led consultation with local stakeholders and the general public, in conjunction with the local citizens' assembly.

Analysing heat island phenomena to reduce their impact

To improve the area's resilience in a targeted manner and as a matter of priority, and in so doing limit the impact of climate change, municipalities, developers and citizens must understand the phenomena of heat and cool islands.

Our experts carried out a number of different analyses:
  • On a local level: urban morphology, local geography and climate, population vulnerability and awareness
  • With regards to design choices and materials used, which may contribute to these phenomena

This analysis phase was followed by a two-step diagnosis:
  • Theoretical diagnosis, based on cross-referencing data on local morphology and populations
  • A testing phase, consisting of measuring and collecting data by installing a system of temperature sensors at strategic points in the area. This diagnosis was carried out during the summer of 2021

The field observation phase

The nine measurement points enabled us to draw important conclusions on the area's existing constructions and public spaces. These conclusions will contribute to future planning processes. We proposed several levers for action to meet the different specificities of the area (daytime UHI, night-time UHI, use of sites, etc.)
Image: Infrared thermography based on satellite images

An initial analysis of the local area

This first theoretical analysis phase enabled us to identify several zones within the Est Ensemble area. The area's western zone appears to be particularly affected by heat islands, accentuating existing vulnerabilities. Cool spots created by large green spaces were also identified. Practical measures were required to complete this pre-diagnosis phase.



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