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Access to Essential Services and Fair Ecological Transition and Social Inclusion: the SUEZ Foundation's call for projects is open from May 6 to 31, 2024

Today, more than ever, support for those who act on behalf of the most vulnerable is essential. Today, May 6, the SUEZ Foundation opens its call for projects until May 31, 2024.

Two areas of support :

  • Access to Essential Services (water, sanitation, hygiene) for vulnerable populations in emerging and developing countries, 
  • Fair Ecological Transition and Social Inclusion, in France. From now on, the projects submitted will have to respond jointly to these two challenges: there can be no environmental transition that excludes the socially and economically weakest through restrictive and unsuitable measures.

For SUEZ, through its Foundation, this commitment is essential in light of the challenges that surround us: the effects of climate change, with the amplification of humanitarian disasters, the multiplication of conflicts around the world, and the worsening of economic and social divides within our society. Now more than ever, it is vital to act in favor of the environment and inclusion to offer future generations a shared future.

The terms of the call for projects are changing A two-stage call for projects

After 10 years of activity, the SUEZ Foundation has also changed its project submission process, which is now in two stages. After a first submission, the Foundation team and a committee of expert collaborators pre-select projects that meet the Foundation's criteria and priorities.

An initial discussion is held with the pre-selected project leaders to confirm the relevance of the project for support by the SUEZ Foundation, then the application is completed by the association/NGO, before being assessed by SUEZ employees, according to their area of expertise, in skills sponsorship.

To find out more about the new call for projects, the selection criteria are online, so don't hesitate to consult them before submitting a project, as well as the call for projects guide!

About the SUEZ Foundation

The SUEZ Foundation supports access to essential services in developing countries where SUEZ is present, while meeting the challenges of a fair ecological transition and social inclusion in France.
Endowed with nearly €3 million, the SUEZ Foundation participates in the projects it supports through the skills sponsorship of Group experts. The SUEZ Foundation is the main partner of Aquassistance, an NGO run by SUEZ employees. 

It co-created with AgroParisTech the AgroParisTech Chair "SUEZ - Water for All", which runs the OpT Executive Master's program for water utility managers in emerging and developing countries.
In 2023, the SUEZ Foundation supported 16 projects promoting access to essential services and social inclusion in France.