The planet needs it. Consumers expect it. Brands love it. States push for it.

CircularChain® Passport makes it possible.

Our vision

The Humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services exceeds what Earth can regenerate: we are currently consuming the equivalent of 1.6 planets a year. It’s time to act to decrease our ecological footprint and invent a sustainable society model. CircularChain® Passport is a concrete solution to reduce our resources consumption. CircularChain Passport is the blockchain for the circular economy, helping Companies and Industrials switching from a “Take Make Dispose” model to sustainable operations, a world where wastes become resources.


Thanks to CircularChain® Passport, companies and industrials limit the extraction of natural resources by incorporating more secondary raw materials, while having full confidence in the tamper-proof traceability.


The planet needs it. Consumers expect it. Brands love it. States push for it. SUEZ Circular Solutions makes it.

Our priorities
Encouraging the reuse of materials
Providing greater transparency in the monitoring of material flows
Strengthening trust between the stakeholders in the material recovery chain
Our clients

Industrials are claiming for better traceability

Our industrial clients face strong regulatory, financial or image issues, and are concretely committed to preserve the environment and fight against climate change. Trust in sanitary and environmental quality, as well as in the origin of materials, became a crucial aspect of society.
Whether they are waste producers or secondary raw materials’ users, industrials must be assured of the compliance of all recycling and processing steps and reassured about the veracity of data.
Industrials and their stakeholders claim a better traceability of materials throughout the recovery cycle.
Our solution

CircularChain®, the circular economy blockchain

CircularChain® meets Industrials' needs by providing transparency and trust

CircularChain® Passport, the blockchain for the circular economy, meets the growing need for transparency and trust regarding the origin, the health and environmental quality of secondary raw materials. It is a very concrete solution that promotes material reuse and recycling.
Thanks to the digitalisation of operational data, CircularChain® records all the steps needed to process a secondary raw material, from production to final use. The blockchain technology guarantees tamper-proof data and a total transparency for the sector. The information is then reported to all the players involved thanks to a modern and user-friendly portal.

A unique solution for circular economy

CircularChain® Passport is offered by SUEZ Circular Solutions, a digital service provider, and aims to address all types of materials and adapt to each recovery chains.

With CircularChain® Passport, we offer our customers an exhaustive step by step solution, including build and run phases, stakeholders’ commitment and consortium set-up and users’ training.

A new-born company built on solid foundations

Convinced by the power of blockchain, that provides trust and transparency, we experimented a new traceability pattern and launched two years ago SludgeAdvanced, the first supervision portal for sewage sludge organic recovery trusted by a blockchain.

On the strength of this promising start, we created in November 2021 SUEZ Circular Solutions. Its purpose is to leverage eco-friendly digital technologies to meet the environmental challenges we are facing.

Its first product will be CircularChain® Passport, that will benefit from the team expertise in resources management, the successful implementation of the #1 European blockchain addressing the circular economy for sewage sludge recovery and an ambitious and experimented management team.


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