Technical support engineer-water/wastewater

Graduate accessible

Graduate accessible
The role of a technical support engineering in water-wastewater consists of improving the quality of water and/or wastewater treatment and/or optimizing network performance.
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Main activities

According to your specialization, in collaboration with branch head and operating companies, the technical support engineer:
  • Identifies and resolves quality issues with drinking water and/or wastewater treatment
  • Monitors functioning of plants and results of analysis
  • Renews, optimizes and maintains networks for water and/or wastewater
  • Enforces compliance with regulations in the field of water and/or wastewater, anticipates regulatory developments and complies with recommended practices
  • Produces reliable reporting


Supervises a small team

External corporate relations

Water policing departments, water agencies

Required experience

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Engineer with strong technical skills
Pictogram picture
Depending on the level of expertise required for the position, defined in accordance with the context and the way in which the center is organized, these positions can be suitable for both experienced engineers as well as more junior ones

Key skills required

  • Strong skills in managing drinking water (production/distribution) and or wastewater treatment (networks, treatment stations)
  • Cooperates and works in a network
  • Ability to cope with specific technical questions

Possibilities for personal development

  • Head of specialist branch