Sales and technical manager

The sales and technical manager helps to consolidate and develop turnover in the area of the regional center and in collaboration with the branch heads. He/she maintains good relations with local authorities and both existing customers and potential customers, by promoting a climate of trust and by anticipating opportunities.
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Main activities

  • Acquires new accounts, maintain existing ones and improve under-performing accounts
  • Participates in the campaign to renew accounts (preparation of responses to calls for tender)
  • Develops good relations with councilors and partners at local authorities
  • Prospects for new customers, responds to inquiries, negotiates contracts
  • Participates in the presentation of management reports and financial reports for local authorities


Specific target turnover to be achieved, determined in relation to the maturity dates of existing contracts and prospective customers as part of sales growth

External corporate relations

Elected officials, local government, decision-makers, pressure groups, media, industry representatives

Required experience

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Baccalaureate +5 years of specialized technical or sales studies
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At least five years of experience the ability to work with local government  and public commissioning authorities
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Public law (delegation of public services, public contracts)

Key skills required

  • Selling skills
  • Strong technical command of environmental activities
  • Knowledge of public law (delegation of public services, public contracts)
  • Ability to make financial and technical proposals

Possibilities for personal development

  • Head of regional office