The role of a Quality and environmental manager at SUEZ consists of initiating, leading, supervising and evaluating quality and environmental policy within the group or the BU in accordance with the general strategy of the company and the stakes, limitations or external pressure.
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Main activities

Oversees the environmental quality policy


  • Maintains and develops the quality and environmental management system
  • Coordinates a network of correspondents spread over different sites
  • Coordinates the monitoring of indicators and the management system, recommending areas for improvement
  • Assesses and manages risks associated with activities within his or her scope of responsibility and implements preventive and curative solutions



  • Ensures that regulations and government decrees related to operations are correctly applied
  • Manages the preparation of applications for authorisations


  • Checks that quality and environmental management requirements are established, implemented and monitored
  • Assists and advises branch managers and operators


  • The level of managerial and legal responsibility varies depending on the size and structure of the organisation.
  • Size: 300 to 3,000 people

External corporate relations

Customers, suppliers, local governments (DREAL, AFNOR, ADEME, etc.) certifying organisations

Required experience

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Baccalaureate +4/5 years of study in quality or general engineering with specialisation in environmental studies

Key skills required

  • Risk management methods
  • Knowledge of environmental regulations
  • Audit/internal control methods
  • Knowledge of ISO standards
  • Analytical skills and global vision
  • Rigour
  • Organization and tenacity
  • Persuasive skills
  • Technology watch

Possibilities for personal development

  • Expert at headquarters or same function in another group entity