Engineering and design department head

The role of an engineering and design department head at SUEZ consists of leading the activities of an engineering and design office in contract renewals, the design/improvement of services, products, equipment or industrial processes, guaranteeing operational performance in monitoring operational standards and contract reviews and answering calls for tender.
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Main activities

Financial studies & implementation
  • Is involved in the sizing and costing of offers with the bid manager
  • Compiles the complete technical and administrative dossier for key accounts
  • Advocates technical solutions and execution methods in response to calls for tender and by respecting customer’s specifications
  • Monitors trade terms (current calls for tenders) on a weekly basis and ensures the proper management of all projects by agencies or by the design office

  • Consolidates business scorecards in the region (monitoring of ongoing business, trade balance, financial balance, trade performance indicators)
  • Contributes to the definition and implementation of the development strategy for the design office and optimizes ongoing contractual deliverables
  • Develops and proposes the budget for the design office to management and ensures compliance
  • Assesses ROI with management
  • Assists agencies in the performance of their diagnosis and consolidates them

  • Coordinates and leads a team of specialists with regard to social legislation and internal procedures
  • Maintains and develops skills and know-how


Manages a team of four to ten people, depending on the size of the design office

External corporate relations

Talks with customers, suppliers, professional organizations

Required experience

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Baccalaureate, plus 5 years of study in general engineering
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At least 5 years in a design office
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  • Command of the tools
  • Knowledge of the company’s activities and trades

Key skills required

  • Rigour
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Management skills
  • Find solutions and make suggestions to solve problems
  • Analytical outlook and global vision
  • Technological and regulatory watch

Possibilities for personal development

  • Services center manager
  • Plant manager