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Deputy project manager

Graduate accessible

Graduate accessible

The role of a deputy project manager at SUEZ consists of managing projects, while taking into account the objectives, national strategy and local context and integrating the various constraints to achieve success.


Main activities

  • Conducts a feasibility study based on needs and constraints, proposes an appropriate way in which to organize the project, compiles a business plan and a communications plan
  • Conducts the project by coordinating and monitoring planned activities and leading the project team, monitoring expenses and reporting to the projects team and the steering committee
  • Monitors the project to ensure coherence between the identified needs and results, makes sure the project is on schedule and within budget, identifies and implements corrective actions


  • Responsibility for projects, representing 50% to 100% of their working hours
  • Projects with a duration of 6 months to 3 years (from 100 to 700 man/hours per year, according to the size of the project)

External corporate relations

Local government, associations, local authorities, industry, etc...

Required experience

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Baccalaureate, plus 5 years at university, technical school or business school
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Technical experience or experience in project management is preferred

Key skills required

  • Federating skills
  • Managing shared resources
  • Meeting tight deadlines
  • Sense of service
  • Leadership
  • Tenacity

Possibilities for personal development

  • Technical support engineer
  • Head of branch
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