Commissioning engineer

The role of a Commissioning engineer at SUEZ consists of performing various start-up assignments in water treatment plants (export or Europe), by exercising a direct or coordination role, depending on the size of the plant.
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Main activities

  • Prepares test sheets and other documents required for start-up (operational instructions, test reports, etc.)
  • Performs final checks of the correct execution of civil engineering works and assembly of equipment
  • Performs the electromechanical and automatic control system tests
  • Monitors flooding and start-up of plants
  • Verifies functional and process settings
  • Provides training for the operator
  • Compiles definitive instructions for operations and start-up
  • Issues intermediate and end of mission reports
  • Actively participates in meetings with the customer, partners, suppliers and subcontractors


  • Repeated and extended travel (several months)

External corporate relations

Site subcontractors, co-contractors, operators, technical departments of local authorities

“I like this job as you get to do lots of different things. It allows me to come into contact with all the technical, engineering and management jobs."

DamienCommissioning engineer

Required experience

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Baccalaureate plus 5 years of study in general engineering, chemistry or electricity/automatic control systems
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Open to beginners specializing in an area of water treatment processes (residual, drinking or industrial)

Key skills required

  • Available
  • A taste for work in the field
  • Sense of initiative and decision-taking

Possibilities for personal development

  • Site engineer
  • Business engineer
  • Project engineer