Business line specialist

The business line specialist’s role at SUEZ consists of providing research and technical support within his/her professional field and contributing to the definition and development of the company’s business policy. He/she is the professional reference within the DRI&P and the divisions of SUEZ.
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Main activities

In the organization

  • Proposes and defines technical orientation and lines of research in his/her professional field
  • Gives technical training linked to his/her professional field
  • Monitors standardization and lobbying activities
  • Assesses the needs and relevance of new projects/ tools
  • Ensures scientific exposure (congresses, groups of experts, etc.)
  • Actively maintains an internal and external network of expertise
  • Implements/participates in the elaboration of a medium term plan for R&D
  • Cooperates in technical support assignments in his/her professional field

In his/her environment

  • Ensures that regulations and government decrees related to operations are correctly applied
  • Manages the formalities for obtaining permits (in collaboration with his or her superiors)


Manages around a dozen large-scale research projects each year

External corporate relations

International congresses, scientific partnerships (universities, groups of experts, etc.), professional associations, lobby groups

Required experience

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No specific training required
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More than 10 years of experience with a varied operational background
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Significant knowledge of water treatment and/ or waste management. 
Recognized expertise in his or her field. 
At least a level of fluency in two foreign languages

Key skills required

  • Networking skills
  • Self-starter
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Rigour
  • Creativity
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Good teaching skills

Possibilities for personal development

  • Head of division