Launched in September 2022, SUEZ’s new 5-year strategy is built on the Group’s historical strengths:

a profound expertise and know-how in water and waste, along with an ability to manage complex projects at a large scale, generating environmental and social value;
a partnership culture, deeply engrained in the DNA of the Group, that comes out as its unwavering commitment to deliver high-quality solutions and services, and as maintaining long-term relations with its clients;
a known and recognized brand in France and abroad;
deeply committed and passionate teams, putting their ingenuity at the service of society, driven by making a difference and providing solutions to our collective environmental and societal challenges.

The new strategy will lead us to become the trusted partner for circular solutions in water and waste. It is a step change and relies on 3 pillars

on our core business: the value chain of waste and water, as well as related services and on our core markets, which combine resilient, mature markets, with an appetite for innovation, with high growth, emerging markets.
through a unique selling proposition to our customers combining a unique expertise in construction with a recognized leadership in digital, in end user experience, as well as in innovation. All under the umbrella of ambitious, proven commitments to people, planet and nature.
Value creation
by being more selective on our projects, managing better our risks and making digital and services a driver for competitiveness.
This strategy will enable us, by 2027, to be a reference in our industry, recognized for its agility, its capacity of creating value and innovation, and its commitments to people, nature and the planet.

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