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Delphine SABY – Conseillère Exécutive auprès de la Présidente - Directrice Générale Vice-Presidente de la Fondation SUEZ

The Foundation supports players in the field of inclusion who are carrying out projects to improve access to essential services in the developing countries where SUEZ operates. In France, it focuses on social inclusion.

Delphine Saby-Executive advisor to the Chairman & CEO, Vice-President of the SUEZ Foundation

Our Areas of Action

Improving the living conditions of populations through access to essential services and social integration and social cohesion.

The Fondation SUEZ supports decisive actions in developing countries to develop access to essential services (water, sanitation and waste) for underprivileged populations, as well as in France in promoting social cohesion through education, culture and sport, and supporting the integration of vulnerable populations via training and employment. Its actions contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Following every project with our partners and stakeholders


AgroParisTech SUEZ Water for All Chair, a world-class Chair

Senegal: Support for GRET to improve access to sanitation, water and menstrual hygiene services


Support for GRET to improve access to sanitation, water and menstrual hygiene services



Association Coup de Pouce, group workshops to combat early school failure



As part of the UKRAINE Emergency Fund, support for access to water in destroyed areas.


Collaborative and committed governance

The management board is chaired by Sabrina Soussan, Chairman & CEO of SUEZ. It defines the strategy, adopts the budget and sets the schedule. It selects the projects for the fund’s support from a list of the projects pre-assessed by the Fonds and the evaluators.


It is composed of ten members, representing us at Suez, which contributes to the Fonds SUEZ Initiatives, plus a number of independent members, elected for three years.

The Fondation community: 500 employees in action for the projects' assessment and follow-up
A committed long term partner alongside the associations and the NGO
A constructive approach with the board of directors
Project selection

A four-stage selection process

Once received on the Fondation SUEZ homepage (see below), the projects are assessed and accepted using a four-step process. This process is based on assessments by the various instances and employees specialized in voluntary projects and skill-based sponsorship programs.
Calls for projects
Requests for funding can be received at any time. Projects received before October 30th will be pre-assessed before being submitted to the April-May board meeting. Projects received before April 30th will be presented to the November board meeting, depending on the progress of the selection process.
Pre-selection by the Fondation
The Fondation team pre-selects the projects that will be then be assessed by the experts, on a skills sponsorship basis and according to the eligibility criteria of the projects. The criteria applies to the health and social impacts, technical relevance, the involvement of local players, sustainability and the future empowerment of the populations, the consistency with the local dynamics, the output dynamic.
Assessment  by employees on a voluntary basis
Each project is sent to three or four expert employees who volunteer their time to assess the projects. Their assessment is made as objective as possible by applying well defined and shared criteria. Questions and comments are addressed to the association.
The final decision
The projects are submitted to the board of directors, which votes on the donation of funds and skills to fund the project.

Eligibility criteria


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