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Regional branch customer service manager

The role of a regional branch customer service manager at SUEZ consists of improving customer satisfaction in the regional centre, improving the performance of the regional centre and guaranteeing the feasibility of contractual commitments agreed with all customers.


Main activities

  • Ensures the smooth running of his/her branch and its financial performance in terms of reporting, operating within budget, and making optimum use of resources
  • Attends and contributes to regional centre management committee meetings
  • Contributes to policy-making for his/her branch and provides input for major decisions in consultation with the Director of the regional centre, his/ her own line managers and the Customer Service Department, to which he/she reports functionally
  • Prepares analyses, recommendations, documentation and quotes that contribute to assessing the feasibility and financial impacts of the contractual commitments offered to the full range of customers
  • Contributes to the regional identity of the regional centre by developing relationships with local authorities, CCAS (community social action centres) and consumer organizations
  • Explains the Regional Centre and Customer Service Department policy, circulates their respective targets, and ensures that they are fully understood
  • Facilitates and coordinates all actions taken by branch personnel
  • Sets individual missions and targets, ensures that team skills levels are appropriate, and arranges the provision of essential training programs
  • Checks that the targets are achieved
  • Ensures full health and safety policy compliance within the branch
  • Maintains and improves employee relations within the branch
  • Maintains an active presence at grass roots level


Reports in line management terms to the Director of regional centre or a member of the regional centre management committee. Reports functionally to the Personal Customer Sales Department.

External corporate relations

Local authorities and industrial customers, councillors, administrators and decision-makers

Required experience

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Engineer, business school graduate
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Branch or Regional Customer Manager, with experience or high potential in a sales and/or technical management role.
Project management experience as a project leader.

Key skills required

  • Leadership and a strong sense of responsibility
  • Writing skills
  • Good inter-personal and selling skills
  • A taste for operational challenges, sales and negotiation
  • Focus on the satisfaction of local government and private customers
  • Strong command of budget management and the rules governing quotes and bid profitability across the full range of customers

Possibilities for personal development

  • Regional head of branch
  • Sales manager
  • Corporate customer service role
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