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Head of research

The role of a head of research at SUEZ consists of participating in the definition and coordination of research policy within his/her professional field, and maintaining and developing the know-how of specialists within his/her professional domain.


Main activities

  • Manages and leads a team of engineers, technicians and PhD students, organised into various technical departments
  • Proposes and coordinates R&D lines of orientation within his/her section
  • Implements and coordinates interdisciplinary projects with the BUs, industrial partners and universities
  • Responsible for the global management of projects which he/she heads
  • Formalises the capitalisation and dissemination of knowledge
  • Acts as guarantor for the dissemination of knowledge related to his/her specialisation (current and to be acquired)
  • Ensures the key skills required within the section are maintained as well as a technical network inside and outside the group
  • Defines the technical and financial objectives for his/her section and provides the required reports


  • Staff: 10 to 40 people
  • Budget to be managed: €2 to €4 million

External corporate relations

International conferences, scientific partners (universities, groups of experts, etc.), professional associations

Required experience

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Technical training to engineer level
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More than 10 years experience gathered in different BUs and in different countries as head of operations in his/her field.
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  • Knowledge of economics/management
  • Excellent technical knowledge and global proficiency in the various activities in the section
  • Perfect command of the processes and operating expenses (OPEX) and investment (CAPEX) related to his/her field
  • Fluent French and English
  • Notions of Spanish

Key skills required

  • Method, rigour and organisation
  • Team-leading skills
  • Abstract thinking
  • Writing skills in French and English
  • Self-starter
  • Ability to transmit knowledge

Possibilities for personal development

  • Operational position in other divisions in the Group
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