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Head of branch

The role of a Head of branch at SUEZ consists of ensuring the optimal functioning of works and equipment, contributing to the harmonisation and industrialisation of processes and the optimisation of the global performance of the regional enterprise and developing the reporting and monitoring systems of the various actions with the branches.


Main activities

Depending on the type of branch

  • Production office/drinking water network: maintains continuity and quality of the water supply.
  • Wastewater office: ensures the quality of collection and treatment of wastewater and removal of sludge.
  • Works office: manages all the operations support departments in the regional enterprise, including the network scheduling departments, the plants and the logistics and general services departments.


  • Headcount: 30 to 50 persons with a management team of three or four supervisors.
  • Budgetary responsibility for the branch (operations, works, investments).

External corporate relations

Local authorities, local government, regional social and sanitary services department, water agency, water policing departments.
"One of the important aspects of the job is maintaining relations with customers, syndicates and local government officials, informing them of what we are doing and listening to their expectations."
LaureHead of branch

Required experience

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Baccalaureate, plus five years of higher education and strong technical skills in the corresponding field (drinking water, wastewater treatment, networks, etc.), schools specialised in the environment.
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At least five years of experience.

Key skills required

  • Strong technical skills (water, wastewater treatment, networks)
  • Ability to manage change

Possibilities for personal development

  • Regional head of branch
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