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Business development manager

The role of a Business development manager at SUEZ consists of winning new contracts (with target prospects) within the area covered by the Branch, ensuring that every aspect of the sales process complies with company standards through to the point of target contract implementation, and providing support when the branch’s strategically important contracts are renewed.


Main activities


  • Contributes to the process of preparing the broad sales guidelines for the branch
  • Maintains a constant level of vigilance to detect market movements within his/her scope of responsibilities and anticipates the issue of bid invitations
  • Networks inside and outside the company as part of maintaining complete familiarity with the market and its trends
  • Uses the sales management system to monitor all those local authorities identified as sales targets, and to manage his/her own portfolio of sales campaigns, analyses, action plan, etc.
  • Manages the bid process (excluding contract renewals) and start-up processes and provides support for operations teams up to the point of first billing
  • Develops a sales and service culture within the branch


  • Contributes to the review process for contracts that are strategically important to the branch
  • Attends the monthly management meeting and contributes on the basis of sales indicators and the sales challenges trending over the short and medium terms


  • Sales target set in direct relation to a portfolio of prospects

External corporate relations

Public sector contracts, network of local authority councillors and technicians

Required experience

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University, business school or technical school, specialising in sales
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Firm experience of public contracts

Key skills required

  • Good inter-personal skills
  • A good listener
  • Results-oriented
  • Negotiating techniques
  • Ability to adapt
  • Persuasive

Possibilities for personal development

  • Branch Director
  • Support function
  • Project manager
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