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Branch director

The role of a Branch director at SUEZ consists of managing, in cooperation with the other entities of the Group, the business development and operations of the unit.


Main activities

  • Team management
  • Manages commercial actions in synergy with other entities of the Group (building loyalty of existing customers, winning new customers, etc.)
  • Organises production by taking into account external resources and cooperating with the other entities of the Group
  • Manages the budget and finances of the branch
  • Manages human resources in coordination with Human Resources (recruitment, annual reviews, etc.)
  • Ensures that health and safety regulations are correctly applied


  • Management of a team (average size of a branch: 20 people) comprising mainly:
  • engineers and technicians.
  • Depending on the size of the branch office, the Director can be assisted by one or several persons especially regarding production management
  • Turnover: €1 to €5 million

External corporate relations

Customers (local authorities and industry and cooperation with partners in other Group entities.
Benoit directeur d'agence
"What is interesting about this job is the possibility of developing in the Group. I can develop and progress in my career, explore other fields of activity and change entity."
BenoitBranch director

Required experience

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University-level education
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  • At least 10 years of experience in one of our technical fields (hydraulics, civil engineering, urban development, transport, etc.).
  • Previous experience in business development and team management
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  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements (environmental regulations, Public Procurement Code, etc.)
  • Strong technical culture

Key skills required

  • Selling and negotiating skills
  • Ability to establish good relations and build customer loyalty
  • Motivational and team leadership skills
  • Ability to delegate, enable subordinates to progress and assess
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Adoption of the company’s values
  • Loyalty
  • Application of internal rules and processes
  • Ability to cooperate

Possibilities for personal development

  • Director of a larger branch,
  • Director of a regional delegation,
  • Project director in France or on international markets
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