AQUADVANCED® Water Networks: improve the performance and safety of your drinking water system

AQUADVANCED® Water Networks is a real time software solution dedicated to the management of the performance of drinking water networks and to the preservation of water resources. It is an efficient management tool for operators and local authorities, which, thanks to the complete monitoring of the network in real time, allows to improve the detection and management of problems and to act directly on the reduction of water losses and the control of water quality.
  • Continuous monitoring and Securing of the drinking water network
  • Improvement of network efficiency
  • Real-time monitoring of water quality
  • Improving the quality of service
  • Operational performance
  • Preservation of water resources
  • Compliance with regulatory constraints
  • Monitoring of the performance of the entire network with map and sector views, calculation of indicators (night flow, daily volume, network performance, pressure, etc.) and thematic views
  • Event manager based on statistical detection models
  • Leak detection: analysis of data from sensors on the network, acoustic detection, and cross-referencing with data from smart meters
  • Real-time monitoring of water quality through multi-parameter probe monitoring
  • Pressure and pressure transient control, pressure stage management
Success cases
  • Versailles - France: 200,000 m³ of water saved in 2 years
  • Macao - China: detection of a leak in the private pipelines at the University of Macao prevented the loss of 5000 m³, the equivalent of 3 days' consumption at the facility
  • Poitiers - France: 960,000 m³ of water saved with data from acoustic recorders
  • Seyne sur Mer - France: 75% of leaks repaired in less than 24 hours